Here's our story...

High Street Properties, Inc. is a family owned and operated business in beautiful Bozeman, MT.  After working in the property management field for a few years, Michelle took a gamble and started her own business in 2005.  Very quickly after a few successful months she already needed help so invited her brother Brad on board who immediately jumped at the opportunity.  18 years later High Street is still thriving but remains a smaller easy to work with local business.  It was and still is apparent that many property owners aren't getting the attention that they and their investments deserve.  And at the same time, many tenants don't seem to get the response and respect from the bigger companies when in all reality they are the ones that are living in and taking care of the property owners investments first hand.  

It has been and will remain our goal to stay a smaller more personal property management company that makes our business relationships with owners and tenants pretty great!  Please contact us for information regarding our fees, contracts, and most importantly to learn more about us and our experiences in Bozeman and the rental market.  

In case you're wondering, the name High Street was derived when Michelle started the business.  Our mother is from Montrose Scotland, and grew up on the "High Street".  When naming the business we loved to hear our families ideas and we thought High Street Properties was a great family name.  Growing up and living in Bozeman for more than 35 years, we have seen and accepted the changes that are happening so fast which gives us a great advantage with keeping in touch with our home town that we love so much.